Professional Exterior Leak Prevention

New or old, all RV types have the same inspection maintenance schedule required each year for weatherproofing seals & sealants. 

We provide RV owners with convenient, exterior RV ProSeal Leak Testing, inspection and repair services as part of your regular maintenance program.

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On-Site Testing Maintenance

On-Site Testing Maintenance

On-Site Testing Maintenance

Rv service while camping

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What is testing maintenance? 

RV ProSeal provides diagnostic leak testing combined with a physical examination. This is the  best practice in leak prevention of exterior seal & sealant maintenance.

It's not just the roof! 

Sidewall trim, corner joint trims, and window & door frames are other vital areas vulnerable to leaks — however, the primary seals behind the trim, are not visible for inspection... Special testing equipment is required. When hidden leaks go unnoticed, heating and cooling efficiencies drop, rot & mold starts and smells can start.

Living in a high moisture and damp environments put the RV and  family's health, comfort or performance at risk.  

What We Do

On-Site Testing Maintenance

On-Site Testing Maintenance

Where RV leaks can occur

Multi-point Inspection & Repair

An RV ProSeal Testing can inspect over 58 different areas prone to leaks. We go beyond checking just the roof and windows.

Types of Failures

Weather seals can fail for several reasons; age, improper preparation, choice of sealant and poor application are the top reasons for failure. Therefore, regularly scheduled RV maintenance of the exterior is critical to find sealant failure early.

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Use of New Test Equipment

On-Site Testing Maintenance

Use of New Test Equipment

leak testing

New technology enables us. 

Just like James Bond had "Q" to enable him in difficult situations, we too have our own gadget master named "DP".  We bring new testing equipment and repair products to the industry.  

RV Slide-outs

Before the invention of slide-outs which allow for more living space, pressure testing worked well to find leaks.    Slide-outs presented a new problem due to the amount of air leakage they can have. 

We solved this problem.  Thanks to DP, we have advanced equipment to test a slide-out's internal and external seals.

5 Critical issued caused by hidden rain leaks

Water Absorption & Dampness

Water Absorption & Dampness

Water Absorption & Dampness


Wood and Luan plywood,​

Batt insulation, cloth-backed roof membranes, and OSB, all wick up excess moisture from leaks and condensation.  Wet and dry cycles lead to delaminating wood bonds and loose structural support.

Wood Rot

Water Absorption & Dampness

Water Absorption & Dampness


This occurs when damp areas don't get a chance to dry out. Brown (dry rot) or white rot thrive at temps between 18- and 32-degrees Celsius, and once it starts growing, it spreads rapidly.  Wood shrinks, delaminates and structural support are lost.​  Soft rot thrives at temps of -17 to 43- degrees celsius.

Mold & Mildew

Water Absorption & Dampness

Toxic Off Gassing


 Things out of people's control are climate, outdoor elements or the number of various spores naturally around us. Mold, however, needs damp conditions to grow. The W.H.O states the best protection and action in our control against health risks associated with mold is to effectively prevent leaks and high moisture levels.​ 

Toxic Off Gassing

Temperature & Humidity

Toxic Off Gassing


Wet building materials degrade and can emit toxic fumes from formaldehyde, resins, glues and other chemicals. Decomposing wood panels can also release airborne particle pollutants.​

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature & Humidity


Temperature and humidity changes are not well tolerated with the above mentioned building materials, seams, joints and GP sealants.  Freeze / thaw damage (ice damming) from winter outdoor storage can make small intrusions larger and can go unaddressed for months.


This is one area of preventative maintenance you don't want to defer.  The reality of DIY inspections often results in misjudged seal leaks that remain hidden inside of the RV until the area becomes fully saturated and then exposed. SAVE MONEY using our detailed report to guide your DIY repair or we can do it for you.

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Our Leak-Free Program

Trailer inspection

Independent Testing Report

Whether you're buying new or used, doing maintenance, or selling, we boost consumer confidence with our independent third party report.

RV ProSeal's multi-point test is the first in the RV industry to bring new testing equipment and provide a detailed report using an easy to read notification system for each point tested.

RV maintenance with proof

RV Tested Label

After testing, we provide you with a detailed report of areas passed or failed and an RV Leak Tested Label for the RV after required maintenance is completed.  The Label is updated for the month and year of the last maintenance leak test. 

RV leak

Higher Resale Values

This RV leak example was not a dry buy. Improper RV maintenance often leads to an expensive RV repair.

We provide our clients a complete leak prevention program which not only provides proof of regular sealant maintenance but real confidence in healthy camping and higher resale values.

Are you a new RV owner?

Why Test Your New RV Camper for Leaks?

Did you know, a new Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel or Motorhome has the same exterior weather seal inspection schedule as an older RV? This will surprise you if you are new to RVing.  The RV manufacturers have classified exterior weather seals as maintenance items, requiring regular inspection and preventative maintenance to prevent rain leaks and water damage. Despite your RV dealer's efforts to deliver you a leak-free trailer, exterior seals and sealants become the owner's responsibility responsibility the moment you leave your dealer. 

Protect your new pride and joy with a regular RV ProSeal Leak Testing and inspection services as part of your regular inspection and maintenance program.


Protect you

RV Campgounds

Hidden Exterior Sealants Can Leave Owners Vulnerable

RV maintenance items include maintaining exterior weatherproofing seams, sealants, and seals to prevent leaks. Water damage due to exterior water seepage or improper maintenance leaves RV owners without warranty or insurance coverage. Manufacturers and RV dealers state that owners are responsible for inspecting and monitoring all external weatherproofing of the roof and sidewall sealants multiple times per year, especially after each road trip.  Read your owner's manual section "Exterior Maintenance" to learn more. 

Despite RV owners' best efforts to reseal their RV themselves, it often results in additional leaks later due to improper preparation or sealant choice. Leaks often remain trapped between the roof & ceiling material and between walls getting wicked up and rotting materials long before owners see inside evidence.  For peace of mind, invite us to leak test your repair as the final step to complete the process. Owners pay a lot of money for an RV and deserve to be served with the best leak prevention, RV maintenance, and protection available.


Wind, Rain, Road and Joint Strain

Poor weather, road conditions and off-road access add significant amounts of mechanical strain on the joints, seams, and sealants protecting you from leaks. 

When hidden or visible, sealants often fail to perform but seem in good shape.  This leaves owners at a disadvantage to find leaks in time. 

Result of poor caulking

Water Damage from Seepage

RV'ers live a life in the outdoors. Nothing will keep owners up at night more than finding water where it shouldn't be. The real nightmare is how long did it take for the leak show itself? 

Does your RV leak but can't find the source? 

RV ProSeal testing can help you locate where the intrusion started more effectively, safely, and quickly, without damage or deconstruction.

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