About Us

What We Do

We are a Canadian RV leak testing and repair company for the RV exterior. We help RV owners and dealers with specialized maintenance tools and testing to inspect all exterior areas prone to leaks. We can detect and locate what visual inspections miss or go unchecked. Testing is done without deconstruction or damage when examining vulnerable, difficult to see or check areas. Our convenient mobile service provides convenient time-critical maintenance preventing an uninsurable, non-warrantied, costly repair. Thus, enabling owners to enjoy more camping, savings and higher resale values, all for a better overall RV experience.

Why We Do It

We, like many Canadians, are passionate about enjoying outdoor recreation with the indoor comforts of an RV camper. However, we found some common challenges with RV ownership that we are working towards solving: 

  1. Lack of Convenient Service Options: RV service departments and service technicians are in short supply.  We provide specialized, professional services, focused on Leak-proof quality testing & repair.
  2. Moisture Issues: All RV type designs are highly susceptible to condensation issues and exterior water penetration.  Areas are often hidden resulting in destructive and unhealthy water damage. Yet most RV manufacturers do not leak test their RVs. 
  3. High Risk of Buying an RV with Leaks: The buyers are often at a disadvantage vs what sellers disclose. We can provide buyers with a conditional clause with a leak test to exit the deal if the unit does not meet the buyer's approval.  Conversely, Sellers utilizing a leak test report can sell faster and for more money.  It can be done at the sole interest and benefit of the buyer if not already provided by the seller.  We build more trust in the deal™
  4. Our mobile services address the many owners who are uncomfortable working on ladders or rooftops and or have limited mobility.
  5. Busy agendas or the addition of built-on decks, add-a-rooms, or sheds make travel less of an option. Not everyone can pack down the RV, travel to a dealership and leave it behind for any time-critical maintenance. 

Early Detection is Critical

Small or hidden leaks left undetected or unaddressed correctly can have devastating consequences.